All Phases No-Clog Gutter System

We offer one kind of gutter cover system because it works. Period. Some companies offer different systems but they all don’t work as you are told and should expect. We sell just one system that works. Period.

What they don't tell you:

  • They come in small sections through the mail or from big box stores.
  • They are not seamless so ones eye is drawn to the seams.
  • They attach to the roof, which can be unsightly and may void roof warranties.
  • Because many of these are held in by friction they can easily become separated, buckle, and sag over time from sun, ice build up, and start to collect debris.
  • After market screens that lay flat can allow debris to build up and prevent water from going in. You may will still have to clean these on a regular basis.
  • Some of these screen and cover products tuck under the shingles. This can allow for the shingles to start curling upward in a critical area where they should be laying flat and sealed. This can allow water to get into your home.

Our gutter solution provides these advantages:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum
  • Unique seamless covered trough
  • Helps protect fascia boards from rotting
  • Self-flushing: will not clog
  • Attractive curb appeal: Unifies fascia & soffit
  • No more cleaning gutters up to 3-4 times a year
  • Lifetime warranty

All Phases Seamless No-Clog gutter cover tuck under your existing roof's drip edge. It does not nail to roof shingles like most competitors and thus, will not void your roof warranty. Made of 30% sturdier .032 seamless aluminum, our covers will not sink in, collect debris on top, rust or crack. Our exclusive patented design guarantees the system's self-flushing action and eliminates the nasty job of gutter cleaning forever. Galvanized steel screws and patent-pending specially designed nylon hangers provide superior holding power.

Many customers say it looks more like a decorative molding treatment than a gutter system.

How Gutter Covers Improve Your Home Value
If you are considering gutter protection; there is no reason to wait. The benefits start immediately; from keeping your gutters free of leaves and debris to increasing your home's value. Enjoy the freedom now and enjoy the selling point later. It’s a win-win situation.

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Why is our No-Clog System the Best Gutter Cover?
Harsh weather and icing conditions means your downspouts and gutters can take a beating and potentially wreak havoc on your home causing gutters and downspouts to sag, leak and maybe fall off. What you need is our "No-clog" gutter cover system to alleviate those weather-related gutter problems with a gutter cover that is unlike any other cover system. Here are just a few reasons to get our gutter covers.

  • No-Clog covers the whole fascia unlike the 1-piece gutter units, which can leave fascia boards vulnerable to rotting.
  • We use .032 heavy gauge aluminum available in approximately 20 colors.
  • Our system originated the 3/4" flush nose gutter fascia mount hood for utilization with the traditional style gutter. The No-Clog system does not have a commercial look. It is a low profile system, which does not protrude beyond the roofline.
  • No-Clog is installed with interior hanger fasteners, manufactured of 100% nylon with UV inhibitor. Other companies use poly-nylon, a cheaper product, which also is brittle. This lack of rigidity in other products is a matter of great concern during the expansion and contraction inherent in our winters and summers. Each bracket receives two 3” screws each, ensuring our gutters are the best secured in the industry.
  • No-Cog is available in both (5") and only oversized 3/4" downspouts are installed to expedite the water flow.
  • No-clog is fascia mounted and does not touch the roof.
  • No holes are made in the roof. As a result your roof warranty is not impacted. This factor also allows you to install a roof should the need arise without impacting the existing gutter system.
  • No-Clog can be installed on any style roof.
  • No-Clog allows the homeowner the option of utilizing two (2) different colors. If the homeowner has a black roof this option allows for selecting black for the hood cover, and a lighter gutter color to coordinate with the remaining color scheme.
  • No-Clog has been installed, refined, and enhanced in excess of a decade. As a result All Phases provides a Lifetime Warranty against clogging, leaking, or pulling away from the house. You will never have to clean or replace your gutters again.
  • No-Clog will never sag like plastic and mesh models.
  • No-Clog will not clog on the top like horizontal screen top models because it is sloped and debris will just wash right off.
  • No-Clog is 2 pieces so in the event of a branch damaging the cover you will not have to replace the whole unit.
  • No-Clog covers the whole fascia unlike 1 piece cover and gutter units which can leave fascia boards vulnerable to rotting.

Gutter covers are:

  • Low Maintenance - Never need to clean your gutters again! Clogged gutters will be a thing of the past. THIS SAVES YOU MONEY!
  • Home Protection - With your gutters running free and clear, you needn't worry about costly water damage to your home.

Gutters & Siding Services:

We choose this company because they are a family business. We had our house covered in aluminum trim, vinyl siding, and their gutter cover system. We are absolutely pleased with their work. They are presently painting our 1st floor and we are pleased with their work again.
- Florence K. from Saline
We found All Phases Painting to be thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Not only did they provide a beautiful finished product, but also they advised us on a way to save money on the project. They were on time (even a little early) for their appointments, and the work was done swiftly and methodically. Their cut-ins were amazingly straight. They came immediately when we called, and I'm so glad they did!
- Sandy from Ann Arbor
GREAT JOB AND VERY PLEASED! Thanks again Richard for Painting our Foyer on such a short notice. It looks great. You can always use us for a referral. Met all our requests and more.
- John and Gail S. from Ann Arbor
We decided to side our house after Richard pointed out that the siding was too far-gone for any paint job to last a reasonable amount of time. They installed new vinyl windows vinyl siding, aluminum trim, and new gutters and gutter covers. My husband and I feel like we have a new home. They were meticulous and the house looks great.
- Mary S. from Ann Arbor
Richard really knew what he was doing when he repaired our rotting wood. He painted the exterior and it was prepared and painted correctly. Found him from my neighbor. Very easy to work with.
- Sean M. from Ypsilanti

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